I will not trust my vehicle to anyone else but Brinton.

"I HATE mechanics! I hate to say it like that, but I really do! They are typically liars and there is no way I can verify what they do. I brought my Jaguar to Brinton because I was having a hard time with actual Jag dealers. The car is out of warranty and they are SO condescending. John, Kevin & crew were incredible! I had them put in a windshield for me. They were fantastic. I brought the windshield to them and they put it in for me. The job was done well and there were no problems. They also did a few other repairs on the vehicle at different points. I moved a few states away and I honestly will not trust my vehicle to anyone but Brinton because they are, above all else, HONEST! I saw another review on here from a woman who said they must take advantage of women. My jaw fell on the floor because I am a woman and those guys have ALWAYS been absolutely honest and have ALWAYS taken care of me."

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I live in Virginia but still continue to go to Brinton's.

"I began going to Brinton Auto Body several years ago when I lived in Edgewater. Their level of professionalism, genuine love for what they do, and honesty are all reasons why I love these guys. I currently live in Virginia, but I still continue to use them for both of my vehicles. I would rather make the 3 hour drive to Brinton's because it means my own piece of mind with trusted people.  John and Kevin, as well as the rest of the team at Brinton Auto Body deserve the highest level of praise. I have had everything from speedometer replacement & paint jobs, to heavy body work and complex engine repairs done here over the last decade or so. You will be challenged to find a better and more trustworthy family of repair professionals anywhere from NYC to Virginia."

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I have never had an auto place

be so honest.

"Brinton Auto Body is a great place to bring your car for work! These guys are professional, EXTREMELY nice and are the MOST HONEST repair people I have EVER seen in my life! I have lived all over the country and had many vehicles. I have never had an auto place be so honest. I had a brake job done at another place. I ended up having some issues with the pads sliding around. The adhesive that had been used broke down. Brinton Auto took a look. Turns out the place that did the brakes didn't put on some item that was needed. Brinton Auto took care of this issue quickly and efficiently. I had another vehicle that I took to another place because it was making a horrible crunching sound after some work there. Well the other place told me I would need a new transmission! I was outraged! My significant other had JUST taken it there for service about a week prior! WHY didn't they say that then? I took the car to Brinton Auto. Brinton Auto determined VERY quickly that the lug nuts hadn't been tightened. Didn't TIGHTEN THE LUG NUTS?? OMG! I shudder to think what could have happen to me or my family in that vehicle. They checked the vehicle over and told me that everything was fine! NO LIES! NO DECEIT!"

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We take care of our customers.

I was most comfortable

using Brinton.

"I went to 4 body shops for quotes to get a scratch on my car fixed. I was most comfortable using Brinton, not just because of the price, but also because of the before and after pictures on their website. They were so east to work with and my scratched bumper now looks brand new! If I need future body work I will definitely be using Brinton again!"

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This place is

second to none!

"This place is second to none! I brought my car here to get a price on a transmission after I took it to another place that said I needed a transmission. The other place wanted to charge an arm and a leg for the work. I bought it to Brinton to have them look at it to get a second opinion. I got out of the vehicle and gave it to the guys to take in. John comes out and says "OK. You are all set!" I asked him what he meant. He told me that the other place didn't tighten the lug nuts on the car. That awful sound I was hearing was not from the transmission, as that other place had said. It was from the TIRES THAT WERE ABOUT TO FALL OFF!!!! The place didn't put the lug nuts on properly and I could have had a horrible accident because of that! I was LIVID and relieved all at the same time! John could have made something up and charged me, but he didn't! He was totally honest AND he didn't even charge me for tightening the lug nuts! They are great! Great service and great work!"

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They are the epitome of

integrity and professionalism.

"I can't say enough good things about my overall experience and about every detail regarding the necessary body work for my brand new car that was involved in a serious fender bender. The work was impeccable, and the color matched precisely. You won't find nicer guys in the business. They were highly recommended by a friend of mine, and they are the epitome of integrity and professionalism. The premises are clean and organized. I am very happy that after many days in the shop, my car still has that fresh, new car smell."

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You'll never find any man more

honest than John Brinton.

"Brinton's is the best place to get your auto body work done for several reasons: 1) You'll never find any man more honest than John Brinton! 2) You'll never find a more friendly, congenial atmosphere. 3) You won't find anyone more anxious to help you. 4) You can't beat their sound business practices and high motivation to do a job that will please you!"

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I consider Brinton Auto Body

to be the crown jewel.

"Brinton Auto Body helped me immensely when we were in an accident that nearly totaled our car. They fixed the car extremely fast, were courteous and honest throughout the whole process. It's a rarity to find such an honest car repair shop and I consider Brinton Auto Body to be the crown jewel!"

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